Trakm8 - Vehicle Tracking Solutions

RoadHawk is a brand of Trakm8, a major provider of Telematics and Vehicle Tracking Solutions to a variety of customers that operate within three discrete business sectors to cater for all telematics requirements. By providing innovative solutions to suit different customer needs, Trakm8 are at the cutting edge of telematics design. Trakm8 acquired RoadHawk, DogCamSport and LawMate in June 2015.

What is vehicle tracking?

The basic job of a vehicle tracking device is to track your location but it can help to monitor every aspect of your driving such as speed, braking and cornering. Most modern telematics devices, can record data on usage, driving behaviour and unauthorised use of the vehicles. This information is usually accessible to the user through a web based tracking portal, or specialised software provided by the telematics company.

How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking works by using a GPRS network to pinpoint your vehicles’ precise location while monitoring any harsh accelerating or braking to help determine whether you can improve your driving style, which in turn can help lower fuel cost and reduce undue wear and tear on your vehicle. Tracking devices are easily installed into any vehicle; they come in all shapes and sizes, with some that you can even install yourself by plugging them into a port in the interior of the car.

Vehicle tracking systems aren’t only used by large corporations, but can also be used by small family run businesses and medium sized companies. Vehicle tracking is so cost effective that almost anyone can benefit from it. In addition, telematics devices can be used for many different situations such as to monitor a large fleet of vehicles, to protect plant machinery from theft and misuse, and even to create a more economically-friendly fleet by helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Telematics devices are often used for financial reasons, such as reducing fuel costs and improving efficiencies throughout the business. Some tracking units have the ability to monitor the driver’s behaviour and how it is affecting fuel consumption e.g. harsh braking and acceleration. Vehicle tracking devices which have this technology within them provide data on how to best improve your driving performance, which in turn can result in reducing costs massively.     

RoadHawk was recently acquired by the market leading telematics manufacturer and service provider, Trakm8 Ltd. Trakm8 supply a variety of Fleet Management solutions, ranging from a simple track and trace solution, to a driving behaviour and fuel saving solution. The addition of RoadHawk’s high definition camera systems now enables Trakm8 to offer a ‘one-stop’ telematics solution to new and existing customers. Trakm8's latest brand, Trakm8prime, provides affordable and accessible vehicle telematics for small business' fleets. Learn how Trakm8prime can help to boost profitibility

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